• 伊朗

  • 博士
  • 业务专长:
  • Associate Professor
  • 教学研究
  • 工作语言:
  • Oveis Rezvanian


  • Iran


  • PhD
  • Professional Specialty:
    Construction, Sales, Purchases, Investment
  • Education:
    � University of Geneva 2009 –2013
    Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)
    PhD in International Law
    Dissertation topic: “Relation of ADR and arbitration in resolution of construction disputes”
    Graduated with Magna cum laude (with high honor)
    Distinction: Full Scholarship for four years

    � Stockholm University 2008 - 2009
    Master of International Commercial Arbitration Law (LLM)
    Dissertation topic: “A comparative study of Adjudication and Arbitration in Construction disputes”
    Distinction: Selected for 2016 Outstanding ICAL Alumni Award

    � Payame Noor University (PNU) 2004 - 2008
    Bachelor of LAW (LLB)

    � Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST) 2004-2007
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    � Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST) 1999-2004
    Bachelor`s degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Professional Experience:
    � Director of Tehran Regional Arbitration Center (TRAC)
    � Assistant Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of Management and Planning Studies (Tehran, Iran)
    � Attorney-at-Law (Member of Iran Central Bar Associations)
    � Member of the Court of Arbitration, Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber (Tehran, Iran)
  • Work Experience in Arbitration:
    � Sole Arbitrator or Member of Tribunal in several international and domestic arbitration cases, under the Rules of ICC, ACIC and UNCITRAL
    � Counsel in several international and domestic arbitration cases, under the Rules of ICC, SCAI, SCC, GAFTA, ACIC and KCAB
    � Counsel to several companies and institutions
  • Social Occupation:
    � Admitted to Iran Central Bar Associations (Attorney-at-Law)
    � Court Member at the Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber (ACIC)
    � Member of International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)
    � Member of Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)
    � Member of Young ICCA Advisory Buddies
    � Member of Austrian Arbitration Association (Arb|Aut)
    � Member of Russian Arbitration Association (RAA)
    � Member of Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP)
    � Associate of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (ACIArb)
    � Member of Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    � Member of International Arbitration Practitioners, Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC)
    � Member of Ukrainian International Commercial Arbitration Court
  • Working Language:
    Farsi (native), English (fluent), French (intermediate), Arabic (intermediate)
  • Main Professional Achievements:
    � “Emergency Arbitration and Expedited Procedure under the Arbitration Rules of the Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre: Introduction of Unprecedented Procedures into the Iranian Legal System”, co-author with Mohammad Hossein Tavana, Current Issues in International Arbitration: A Dedication to Dr. Patricia Shaughnessy, ed. Tung S., Fortese F. and Baltag C., Ch. 15, 261-275, (2019).
    � “Legal liability of arbitration institutions arising from refusal to administer referred cases”, Private Law Research Review, Volume 7, Issue 24, Autumn 2018.
    � “A study of the nature of Arbitration Panel (Article 30 of Iran’s Law on Implementation of General Policies of Principle 44) with attention to the judicial precedent”, to appear in Journal of Planning and Budgeting, 2018.
    � “Evaluative Study of Construction ADR Methods and Attitudes of Professionals”, Informa Law’s International Construction Law Review journal, Volume 31, Part 4; Citation [2014] ICLR 479.
  • Self Description:
    Having bachelors and masters in both Engineering and Law, I am regularly involved in dispute resolution proceedings of commercial and construction cases in national and global level.

    I am a member of Iran Central Bar Association (Attorney-at-Law), an Assistant Professor of Arbitration Law at the Institute for Management and Planning Studies (IMPS), and a Member of the Court of Arbitration at the Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce (ACIC). Moreover, I have served in several domestic and international arbitration cases, either as counsel or arbitrator. I am also regularly invited to speak and offer workshops in the fields of international commercial arbitration and Construction dispute resolution.

    In November 2014, I was appointed as the Director of Tehran Regional Arbitration Center (TRAC), which is an independent international organization under the auspice of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO).

    In 2016, I was elected as Outstanding ICAL Alumnus, for "his numerous achievements in the field of arbitration, including his leading role in Iran and in the region".